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Annie is very friendly and efficient, she’s doing a wonderful job here, we are very pleased.

S. B. - Hoxne

We are delighted with Helen, she is conscientious, thorough and a delight to deal with!

S.P. - Stradbroke

Really really pleased with Sharon, she is a star, she’s got right down and found dusty corners we never knew existed!

L.S. - Mellis

We are very pleased with Annie, she is absolutely wonderful. After Catherine moved we didn’t think you’d be able to find someone we’d love as much – but you did! Thank you!

K. P. - Eye

It is all going very well with Liz, she’s super and been a great help to me. Thank you very very much.

N.B. – Diss

Clare started with me this week and she’s made a terrific difference already.   Very grateful to you.

S. G. - Harleston

Our Sue is just brilliant, well all the girls you’ve sent us have all been brilliant but Sue – we just love her.

P.G - Eye

Thanks again for everything, I am super happy with Marie!

S.H. Dickleburgh

Hayley is and always has been, an incredibly reliable and an incredible force of nature. She never ceases to amaze me with what she achieves during every session x

C.T. - Rickinghall

Thank you for sending Catherine to us - she's amazing!!!!!!!! She spring cleans everything !

C.J. - Thornham

Adrienne does an excellent job and it is lovely having her checking in on Mum, especially during these difficult times.

A.G. - Harleston

Catherine has been in again today, what a pleasure to have her here, lovely lady and does the best cleaning I have ever had. Thank you - I'm SO grateful

S.H. - Eye

Just wanted to say what a little treasure Lesley is, thank you, the house looks amazing. I am extremely grateful.

L.S. - Eye

Please know that Sam is wonderful and has been an absolute saint, I really could not have done the last 12 months without her, she has been so kind and generous of spirit during quite a tricky time.

J.E. – Eye

Thank you for sending Jess to us, she is such a good worker and it is always lovely to see her bright smiling face each time.

P.B. Palgrave

Thank you so much for finding this wonderful woman! She is so good and pays so much attention to detail. I’m so happy.

I.M. – Dickleburgh

Oh my goodness, my cleaner is absolutely wonderful, her cheerful face and willingness to work, she is so thorough and hard working. The house looks wonderful.

K.P. - Redlingfield

"Thank you Ticketyboo for your professionalism during this pandemic. You were quick to act at the start of lockdown and you’ve continuously kept us informed of all changes. We’ve felt confident and safe to welcome our cleaner back. Thank you for sending out your risk management information which clearly outlines the guidelines to which we continue to follow today. It is good knowing we have engaged a company who cares about the welfare of clients and cleaners alike. It is wonderful to be having the help we need again. Thankyou."

M.R. – Eye.

"Thank you very much for your help and understanding and allowing our service to be temporary on hold while the virus is circulating. We are so sorry to be losing the help, but due to our suppressed immunity and subsequently considered `extremely high risk’, we have no other choice but to totally self-isolate. We appreciate your promise to us regarding having our regular cleaner back, she has been invaluable to us. Thank you for your professionalism and understanding. Keep safe and we look forward to speaking with you again in the not-too-distant future (we hope)."

Y.M. – Eye

"I am delighted with Liz, thank you for organising this for me."

J.S. – Botesdale

"Sam is phenomenal! She’s an incredible support to Dad, going above and beyond any expectations. She has been very understanding and puts up with more than she has to. We are so lucky to have her."

S.E. – Brome

"S.K. is brilliant, very conscientious, she’s been doing a wonderful job, so fast and efficient. A great match for us."

K.J. – Roydon

"Ticketyboo – you’ve exceeded yourselves again ! I never thought I would have a cleaner as good as my original lady who moved away. How wrong was I. Thank you for sending Sue – she’s ace !"

B.D. – Diss

"I get on really well with Liz, she’s great and I think its going to work well. Thanks for introducing us, she could well be the cleaning fairy we need."

T.T. - Diss

"Thank you for sending Elaine, she has left my house beautiful and sparkling. It hasn’t looked like that for a long time."


"I have enjoyed our experience so far with Ticketyboo and Vicky, you have both provided a very professional service. Thank you."

H.L. – Thorndon

"Thank you for arranging a cover clean today, she was great, the house looks fab X."

L.H .- Diss

"Alice did a lovely job cleaning the place today – please pass it on."

D.G. - Occold

I would like to thank you for sending Vicky who is very efficient and pleasant, I would recommend her with confidence.

Mrs RW – Fressingfield

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how thrilled I am to have Sandra. She is very thorough and methodical, I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for pointing her in our direction.

JS – Nr Diss

How lovely it is to come back to a beautifully clean house, Sam has done a marvellous Job.

Mrs AW – Thorndon

Adelina has done a great job ! She’s a keeper

JG – Eye

Charlotte has become a good friend, I look forward to her visits not just for how lovely she cleans my house but for her company too.

Mrs RB – Diss

I wanted to let you know just how great Liz is, she goes above and beyond our expectations, her kindness and compassion shines. We think the world of her.

Mrs A.C. - Diss

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