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How do you vet your team?

We don’t rush! We initially interview on the telephone, then a more detailed chat in the cleaners own home. We check ID and obtain proof of their address. We ask for 2 referees which are then followed through. It is only then and if we are 100% satisfied we place that cleaner on our books, and of course they have to love cleaning!

Will I have the same cleaner every week?

Yes, the choice of cleaner will be a joint decision between you and us but ultimately your decision. If you are happy with your cleaner we won’t change anything. We want you to have consistency week in week out.

So? - I can meet my cleaner first?

Yes absolutely – after our visit to your home when we assess your requirements, we start looking for the perfect cleaner for you! When we are confident we have found your cleaner, their experience will be explained to you and if you are happy with what you hear – we arrange for the cleaner to make contact and organise an appointment to meet you.

What if I work, or I want to go out when my cleaner is due?

You don’t have to be there… if you wish, you can give your cleaner a key, many of our clients do.

What happens if my cleaner is on holiday or sick?

We endeavour to find you a `cover clean’ if you would like one?  If you choose not to, you will have nothing to pay for missed sessions, not even the agency fee.

What happens if I don’t get on with the cleaner I am allocated?

No problem and we wouldn’t drop you in it either! So no awkward feelings should you bump in to each other one day! We deal with things in a diplomatic way and will endeavour to find you a replacement as quickly as we can.

What products equipment do you use?

Yours….. we know that you have chosen your products because you like them and that they are suitable to use in your home. This also keeps the costs down.

Are your cleaners insured?

Yes, for you and your cleaner’s peace of mind, we provide public liability insurance which also covers accidental damage to your valuable items valued over £500. Unfortunately smaller items are not covered.

Great! So when can we start this?

We will endeavour to get you set up within a week of meeting you.

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